Before you go
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Being in paradise is only half as fun, when you suddenly remember that you left your dog without food...

Which is why you should prepare beforehand. For a good preparation, El Estudiante has gathered some key information for you, simply click the links above.

Next to this, it is probably a good idea to make yourself a checklist :

You might want to think of the following:

Who is going to look after your mail?
- Who is going to handle your
bank details?
- Are all
regular payments (rent, telephone, etc.) settled?
- Found someone to water your
plants and feed your pets?
- Is your flight booking, passport, insurance and other
important paperwork up to date?
- Are all
electrical appliances, which are not needed, unplugged?

Additionally, you might find our pages on Visas, Vaccinations, Money and Clothing useful. Just follow the links above.