Playa del Carmen
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The Academia de Idiomas "El Estudiante" is located in Playa del Carmen, roughly 50 minutes by car south of Cancun. Here, about 100.000 mexican citizens share the lively yet laid-back city with 4.000 to 6.000 Tourists.
Students walking in Playa

It is probably the most beautiful part if the Mexican Caribbean, with soft, white sandy beaches and a truly turqoise ocean. The clear water with its aboundant sealife is famous for snorkeling, diving, surfing, fishing and many more.
But it also offers quiet and romantic lagoons and beaches which are perfect for relaxing.
But Playa is more than just the beach, especially at night the city awakes to life.

Before you start of to go dancing and partying in the many clubs and bars, you can indulge in the nightlife of the 5th Avenida - the same street where El Estudiante is located! Restaurants offer fresh and delicious food, live music and an unbeatable mix of people from all over the world.
But there is even more: Playa is located close to some of the most interesting
sites of the Mayan world, such as Xaman-Ha, Chichen-Itza, Tulum, Uxmal und many more.
Our school, as a part of the losmayas group, offers the best possibilities to get to know the land and the people.

Playa del Carmen thus offers the possibility to learn Spanish while enjoying the ocean, the beach and the sun.
Fall in love with this friendly and small city in the Caribbean, with its small streets and the spirit of the small
romantic fishing village Playa del Carmen was only about a decade ago.

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